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Indonesia achieve the golden generation

   Before he started to make a speech, and I am looking forward to the whole audience (the viewer) to give thanks to God, our Lord, because he gave us the grace of it, so that, by the mercy that we can collect the full meeting of the Peace, and moreover, especially him we said our Prophet Muhammad, Apostles and servantsThat brought us from darkness into the light of nature and thank the lecturers who have made time for me to speak today with the title: Golden generation is qualified human resources who will continue to lead the nationTo achieve the golden age, we must prepare for the golden generation through a variety of areasThe most important is the field of education because a good education has a very significant contribution to improving the quality of generation. Public education should also be able to build a strong mentality while still in the creation of capacities and skills of children in need of golden generation to meet the challenges and problems in the present and the futureToday we are in the middle of the development of science and technology fast and high and civilization as well as. Audience on this basis should have quick and appropriate strategy to achieve the golden generation in the future.Audience from which we can launch itYes, of course we have to start youngAs IcolalmthelAs well as the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno and said, "Give me ten young men will then turn the world"Audience we can take an example of a youth who had a tremendous impact in the world, Europe and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The first young man was unable to overcome the city of Constantinople, which is the economic center of the peoples of Europe, even the Prophet once said that Constantinople is one of the most difficult areas mystery. This could be a reference for our generation today are filled with technology and science, and we are not impossible to carry out a revolution for Islam, if people earlier may be why we do not? Remember that great generation of young people who come from great on any anyway.              Because the youth is gold, and thus achieve truly golden generation that generation. Audience what should be done to achieve the golden generationDevelopment in the field of educational facilities and servicesIt is expected that the quality or quantity of generation better education.Conclusions we can draw from the above my speech is that we must be aware of the golden generation through the development of equitable education.

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