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                                                             MENTARI UNTUKMU

Mentari Untukmu | Pribadi
In my dreams you always accompany my present, wading fondest dreams together with you until dawn ahead and call to prayer echoes mengundangkanku to back up and carry out the tasks most important to me and to people who agree with me that worship the Khalek.

    Whether because fervently so nothing feels the morning sun is so beautiful come pampering my eyes, at once reminded bahwasannya there are still many things to do, then quickly I rolled prayer mat where kubersujud closer to the Khalek then I immediately rushed so quickly to prepare Your preparations to implement my job is to school, of course, to study for a bright future and do not forget to see the most precious person in my life after my parents, which is viewed smile beautiful that always adorn the day and my night, because that smile is a passion for me even though he did not knowing it.

   How wonderful if seyuman it into smiles and can always myself to see then how wonderful my life.
   The second woman dearest after my mother call him Mayya, he was like an angel who came down from Heaven that if people see it will be immediately enthralled at least 6 out of 10 men will klepek-klepek with a smile that, although not like the feeling of myself when I met with her and see her smile ,
  The funny thing is somehow when me wants to express love is always delayed, probably because of my mental is not as strong as my love or myself as stupid is that what is afraid to talk candidly with somebody or if this might be called a real love or maybe because of me was not suitable for her.
   Obviously I was afraid frank because I am aware of who I am that may be inappropriate for him I might not be able to make her happy even though I'm already struggling and tried as much as possible.
   And to be honest I can not see him suffer much less suffer because I as if there was a sense of torment in my mind, this may be the best way for me to live this moment.
   And soul, I am also not ready to accept the words that may be sick to be heard and it was out of the angel's lips.
 Astaqfirullah, O God give the best path for me .......

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