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Car Without Driver F 015 Luxury in Motion

Car Without Driver F 015 Luxury in Motion
A luxurious and prestigious first time we see a picture of future cars Mercedes Benz's latest output. Not only the look of luxury at the exteriornya, Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion also employ the most advanced technology that is self-driving cars, cars that can run itself without having driven by the driver.

We are sophisticated enough to control the car's future by using a touch screen that is integrated with a powerful technology such as eye-tracking and gesture contained in Dahsboardnya panel, then we can relax while sleeping or playing games.

As for the overall future futuristic car is already using plastic material mixed with carbon fiber as well digabungkang aluminum plate, makes the body very light resistance but it is much more resilient than car body made of steel in general.

The coolest and make us drool added, all the car door Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion could be opened up to 90 degrees Celsius not disposable, substantially Wuihh bener deh mang style, girls secured a trance if you bring your car look cool hehehe.

To issue any security features they already provide such protection air bag system, but it jau more sophisticated. The air bags will protect, rather wrap the body of the driver and their passengers in case of accident incident.

Sahabat you want to know more about the advanced cars anything that can run itself without a driver, you can see in my previous article 9 Advanced Car That Can Walk Alone.

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