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Ecosse Spirit(The fastest and most expensive motorcycle)

Ecosse Spirit
   nlike the big motor (MOGE) in general, the motor has a distinctive orange color combined with super strength. Another great feature on this bike there in the super lightweight titanium material used for the body and the engine where the material is very light, but quality.
Even more interesting, big motor, this one can only be driven by those who pass the driving test, in which the motor manufacturer will license permit to drive a motorcycle with a free course conditional pass after the training for 2 weeks.

Because of the uniqueness, the motor is also only manufactured in small quantities and very limited alias limited edition.

Only totaled 10 units priced at U $ D 3.6 million or 49 billion. Carrying the modification of Technology Drives Formula 1, motorcycle Ecosse Spirit capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 370 km / h.

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