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Job Opportunities Department of Psychology Rare glance

 Job Opportunities Department of Psychology Rare glance
Job opportunities for the Department of Psychology, is still extremely good. Moreover, the majors this one demand is quite small when compared to the other majors. With so few enthusiasts, the competition is not too tight.Psychology is the science that is used as a psychiatric manifestation because the study of human behavior. Psychology is classified in the social sciences and a number of universities there enter in science class. In general, the psychology department more attractive by women.In the field of study, Psychology is divided into several sections of which are clinical psychology, social psychology, and developmental and industrial. Because not too familiar, then a lot of people are asking about what the opportunities of graduate psychology. For those who do not know these are opportunities for psychology graduates.Employment Opportunities Department of Psychology

HRD (Human Resources Development)HRD is one of the high-paying jobs. This is a great opportunity for every graduate psychology. Because, all companies that require either HR or domestic private companies.

counselorFor psychology graduates could also be a counselor. In large companies, positions as counselors will be needed and has a duty as a counselor to the employees. While to shake out of companies, usually counselors required by NGOs or NGO concern about teenagers.


If you've passed the psychological S1 and S2 forward to secondary school with the Faculty of clinical psychology, then you can become a psychologist. This position is also required government industries. As for S1 psychology degree has job opportunities as a tester in making a report under the supervision of a psychologist.

Teachers Counseling (BK)This is a big opportunity for almost all good schools high school levels, as well as SMP requires a teacher BK. Where, BK teacher's position is very important to give special guidance to adolescents.Psychology lecturerFor those of you who have graduated S2 psychology then it could become a lecturer. As a graduate of psychology, you can choose in several fields ranging from industry behavior, clinical development, general, and also in the social field.That's some job opportunities can be obtained by a graduate psychologist. Although considered not familiar, the psychology has a broad employment opportunities.

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