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Latest BMW Car Vision Next 100 (designing for the future)

BMW Car Vision Next 100
Sophisticated and Ultra slogan Futuristic Self Driving is a modern car concept BMW to be reckoned with in the future automobile innovation. German car manufacturers are successfully creating new BMW concept car Vision Next 100 as vehicles of the future. What are the advanced features found in the BMW Vision 100's Next?

The first car is equipped with autonomous driving feature (auto pilot) where the car can run itself without the driver, the latter already uses super flexible body 3 Dimensions.

Where this distinctive car from bumper, the driver's door, the wheels of the tires until the iron frame can be curved flexible grooved and cool when worn walked with invisible direction where the tire is in motion.

One more good news that the New Vision Next Car BMW 100 is ready to be sold freely in mid 2017, but unfortunately still fairly expensive price of the car of the future. Not to mention countless highly available, market sales are only in a few countries such as the UK, China and the United States. Who knows when the dream car of the future could go to Indonesia.

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