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MTT Turbine Streetfighter(The fastest and most expensive motorcycle)

MTT Turbine Streetfighter
   Rank 2 are included in the latest record the fastest motorcycle in the world in 2017 is the MTT Turbine Streetfighter. Starting from the body to the engine, the motor moge this one has a complete package. Body motors are made with quality materials of aluminum and carbon fiber for 17-inch alloy wheels.

By carrying out the kitchen runway Rolls Royce Allison engine belongs to no one if the engine power capable of driving up to speeds of 400.7 km per hour with a maximum performance of 420 horse power.

With the right combination of these, of course, the big bike this one deserves to be one of motor racing with incredible speed.

Interested to buy it? The price is quite ngehek also, about 175 thousand dollars, or 2.3 billion. Atuh cheap compared with the above hehehe.

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