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Solar Car

Solar Car
 The development of the car in the future by using solar energy called Solar Car or solar power is a replacement solution to reduce the use of fuel oil which very likely will be depleted or extinct.

How operates solar car is not too complicated, which absorbs the heat, and the heat generated in the solar cell will be delivered / transferred to a coil Regulator Battery Control (BRC). And to outsmart / increase the strength of the current, usually supplied battery also. Then the power that has been generated will be processed through a power inverter in order to change the AC current to DC.

      Some examples of the latest automotive technology that has succeeded in creating a solar car is DUEM Cars, Electric Motorsport artificial Durham University Durham University in the UK, C-MAX Solar Energy Concept Car manufactured by Ford Motors USA.

And a solar-powered electric car Widya Wahana creation V student of the Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya Indonesia. Wow unbelievable is not it, children of our country also managed to create "car of the future Indonesia".

Unfortunately, the concept of solar car also has its drawbacks, especially the limitations of users in the rainy season and in the evenings, which was apparently not able to get energy from the sun. For advanced car that is always carried out its development to date in order to solve such a solution.

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